Lorraine Antine LCSW, CADC, E-RYT, SEP

“I believe that everybody has an opportunity and a calling to become consciously awake and aware.”

Lorraine Antine LCSW, CADC, E-RYT, SEP holds a Masters degree from New York University and is a licensed Psychotherapist, with post-masters training and advanced specialty certifications in:

Somatic Trauma Healing, Experienced Registered Yoga Therapist/Teacher, eastern meditation modalities, Spiritual Hypnotherapy/counseling, Body-Centered Psychotherapy, Family Constellations, Addiction Recovery Counseling, Holistic Health Practitioner, and EMDR & Internal Family Systems. She continues ongoing study of spiritual shamanism in Brazil.

Lorraine is Certified and Registered at a Professional level, as a Teacher of Yoga/Meditation. She holds an Advanced Specialty Certification in Somatic Experience Trauma Healing. She has Certifications in Spiritual Hypnotherapy, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Body-Centered Psychotherapy, Reiki, and has over 15 years of Body/Mind healing experience.

She has worked professionally for almost 20 years in the field of Complementary and Alternative Health; with a focus on integrating Holistic Therapies with Clinical Psychotherapy.

She has been acknowledged by the American Association of Integrative Medicine for proficiency and high achievement in the field of Integrative Health Care and is a Diplomate of the College of Behavioral Health.

As an intuitive empathic healer, Lorraine brings all sensibilities to her work. Says one of her clients, “She has the gifted ability and wisdom to channel the human’s subtle energy and direct it where it is most needed.”

“She has the gifted ability and wisdom to channel the human’s subtle energy and direct it where it is most needed.”

She offers a safe space for transformational healing possibilities. Her guidance may help to assist in translating the particles of existence, by giving voice to poetic expressions of the soul. She is continues to study spiritual shamanism in Brazil.

“Love brings unity by healing the split between the body and the heart. When the body and the heart unite, one merges with the soul like the countless rivers and streams merge into the vast ocean. Love is the only worldwide religion.” – Bapuji

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