Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

The Body as a Bridge to the Soul

Adapted from an article published in an issue of Inner Realm Magazine, The Ultimate Adventure
© Lorraine Antine, all rights reserved.

By Lorraine Antine

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is a way of connecting with one’s inner wisdom, and using this connection as a source of guidance in one’s life. It is a healing art that uses yoga postures and non-directed therapy as a means of developing conscious awareness.

Yoga therapy has its roots in the 6,000- year old practice of Yoga, which was developed by the ancient masters to open the body and unblock the flow of Prana(life force energy) . At the physical level, each yoga posture, or asana, releases patterns of holding . Your body may be seen as a metaphor for your life an is used as a vehicle for transformation. Where you are blocked in your physical body, you are blocked in your life. Hold a posture of “self-reliance”, and whatever has suppressed that will emerge, as will the strength to reclaim it . Power, compassion, self-love, vulnerability, and vitality may all be reclaimed through yoga.

A Yoga Therapy Session

Personal transformation becomes possible during a session as the yoga therapist supports and moves the client’s body in a way that allows deeply held tensions to be explored, released, and integrated back into the system. The process is further supported by dialogue methods designed to stimulate awareness of the belief’s by which people create their experience. This client-centered body/mind work helps release physical and emotional tensions, as well as to bring to consciousness belief systems which have been holding them in place, sometimes for decades.

Clients are guided into being in the present moment and becoming aware of issues or concerns they would like to speak about and what they would like to receive. The selection of yoga postures used is influenced by where tensions are being held in the body and what’s happening in the client’s life. The physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and soul bodies are accessed and affect simultaneously.

Life at the “Edge”

The practitioner holds the client and /or uses props to assist the clients in postures so as to allow the exploration of the EDGE, which is the place of TRANSFORMATION. At the Edge it is possible to get in touch with and release unresolved emotional issues that are stuck in the muscles, cells, and tissues of the body. An Edge is the physical body is where the muscle is stretching, where sensations are, where energies are blocked in the body, preventing access to the life force. The therapist supports the client in learning to witness what is happening without judgment or trying to fix anything.

Living too far back from the Edge leads to boredom and atrophy. Living beyond the edge is self-destructive. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy gives clients and opportunity to become aware of this, accept this if they choose, and perhaps, make conscious changes around their discoveries. Shifts in attitude or behavior may also occur without a conscious action, as the therapy sessions lead to greater awareness and acceptance.

Yoga Therapy in Recovery and Psychotherapy

This process can be supportive for people in recovery programs in learning there is something beyond the “addict identity”, and offers the possibility that they can move out of pain and shameful identities into a place of wholeness and their true nature. In the yogic tradition, the body is honored not just for the body’s sake, but because it houses the Spirit. Yoga Therapy can anchor the spiritual wisdom of the 12 Step Programs into the body by calling upon the Self to become more present, more focused, with each movement, in each moment, with awareness.

Integrating the Yoga Therapy Session

At the close of a Phoenix Rising Session the client is guided into a brief meditation in which the Higher Self is contacted to receive guidance, counsel, or a blessing. By going beyond the ego mind, past the anger, fear, sadness, to the place of Higher Wisdom, the insights received may be used as a source of clear guidance in life.

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