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Holistic Retreat Helps to Heal

Wappingers Falls – Holistic Psychotherapist/Holistic Health Practitioner Lorraine Antine, LCSW, has created the first Holistic Recovery Retreat from July 18th, 2010 through July 23rd, 2010 in Wappingers Falls, NY. The six-day, five-night retreat is being offered to participants at-cost in order to make proper help more affordable for those suffering during current economically-challenging times. The workshops will focus on the four core values necessary for maintaining complete and ongoing wellness: physical health, mental health, emotional security and spiritual balance. This multi-discipline approach offers a more thorough format than conventional therapeutic programs creating a more effective treatment system for achieving long-term results.

The holistic definition of addiction encompasses more diverse afflictions than the common use of the word to accommodate anyone whose life and energy is out of balance. Holistic practitioners understand that the common definition of addiction excludes many people suffering; it diminishes and often trivializing people who feel weak or victims of their own incapacitating negative repetition. The retreat offers recovery to anyone who wishes to experience more happiness and joy and recreate themselves.

During the course of the retreat, emotional and spiritual well-being are valued equally to physical and mental wellness; and any inhibiting thought pattern that creates a destructive or escapist behavior is considered and reevaluated against more positive life techniques.

Topics covered in the workshops reflect this integrated definition and include self-help standards such as introductions to raw and whole foods, breathing techniques, massage, art therapy and yoga & exercises as well as less-frequently utilized options such as hypnotherapy, spiritual guidance, emotional freedom techniques and family constellation.

Antine recognizing the current need for people to conserve finances and drew upon professionals eager to contribute their time and resources to aid others. The result of this effort is an intensive summer retreat that provides exceptional improvement for people at less than 50 percent of the standard holistic workshop retreat cost. An additional early-bird saving discount is also currently available to anyone reserving their place in the program now.

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