Within Every Problem There is a Solution. - Albert Einstein

Some Areas Addressed Using an Integrative Healing Approach:

  • Traumas: Mental, Emotional, Physical & Spiritual
  • Spiritual / Personal Growth – Recovery of the True Self
  • Addictions: Holistic Treatment of Addictive Behaviors and Substance Abuse
  • Relationships: Family Discord, Fear of intimacy, Divorce, Fear of Commitment
  • Work/Career Issues: Conflicts, Career Transitions, Starting a Business
  • Anxiety/Depression/Phobias
  • Creative Recovery Process: Exploring the creative Spirit Within

The following treatment modalities are utilized To bring balance and wellness to all aspects of the being:

Somatic Trauma Healing

“Transforming trauma is a movement away from the vengeful desire to inflict harm on others, or ourselves, to a new place of renewal, hope and compassion.”

Trauma is healed through the process of discharging excess survival energy. We do this by uncoupling fear and moving out of immobility. Somatic Trauma Healing, as developed by Dr. Peter Levine, activates your innate mammalian ability to regulate and discharge the high levels of energy arousal associated with trauma. Just as wild animals are not traumatized by naturally occurring events in the wild, so we too can learn to track and release our autonomic nervous system.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR is a trauma treatment that helps process distressing memories and restore the brain’s natural healing abilities. In addition to other therapeutic techniques, the therapist leads the client in a series of lateral eye movements while focusing on a difficult memory, reducing any overwhelming feelings connected to past experiences, and allowing for emotional healing.

Internal Family Systems

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is an approach to psychotherapy that identifies and addresses multiple sub-personalities or families within each person’s mental system. These sub-personalities consist of wounded parts and painful emotions such as anger and shame, and parts that try to control and protect the person from the pain of the wounded parts. The sub-personalities are often in conflict with each other and with one’s core Self, a concept that describes the confident, compassionate, whole person that is at the core of every individual. IFS focuses on healing the wounded parts and restoring mental balance and harmony by changing the dynamics that create discord among the sub-personalities and the Self. It is an evidence-based approach that has been shown to be effective for treating a variety of conditions and their symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, phobias, panic, and physical health conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, as well as improving general functioning and well-being. Psychology Today

Inner Journey Work

Inner work is at the very core and foundation of the spiritual path.

Inner work is the psychological and spiritual practice of diving deep into your inner self for the purposes of self-exploration, self-understanding, healing, and spiritual transformation.

When we do inner work, we are shining the light of awareness onto our inner landscape which is composed of the various layers of our mind: the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious realms.

Your inner self consists of your hidden feelings, memories, thoughts, beliefs, prejudices, wounds, shadows, and other mental/emotional conditions that influence your ability to transform and feel Whole at a core level. By doing inner work, you’ll be able to move past fears, limitations, addictions, depressions, loneliness, and the feelings of unwholeness that tend to plague us as human beings.

Hypnotherapy/ Past Life Regression

When we open the doorway of the mind we may discover that we are able to transmute old behaviors and mindsets that no longer serve us. In their place we’ll substitute positive suggestions that will gradually become the automatic thoughts that lead to life affirming behaviors and habits.

Whether past lives represent metaphors, myths, or a reality; exploring their existence may open access to our souls and enliven our present existence.

This Healing Journey accesses altered states of consciousness, where we may expand to the realm of soul awareness, where we are whole and unlimited potential. As a result, during the session, our physical body resonates to create greater balance with Spirit, while the ego is able to move into an adjusted form, allowing a rekindling of energy that results in more vibrant health and rejuvenation.

Holistic Recovery Program ©

“The real voyage of discovery lies not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”
– Marcel Proust

A holistic approach to recovery from alcohol, drugs and other addictive behaviors. Holistic means relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than the treatment of parts. Your body, mind, emotions, and spirit will be treated so as to stimulate your self-healing potential.

This process will assist in discovering and healing the underlying causes of these behaviors that run your life and achieve recovery. The problems underlying dependency have both physical and psychological components-anemia, hypoglycemia, ADD, brain-wave pattern imbalances, or deep emotional pain. The “why” may not always be apparent because it is hidden by the addictive behavior or substance and other symptoms that mask your pain. It takes a personalized approach to uncover and treat the specific reasons for dependency.

Family Constellation Therapy

“Without freedom from the past, there is no freedom at all.”
– J. Krishnamurti

Growth takes root in a past laid to rest.

Family Constellations, as developed by Bert Hellinger, is a highly effective way of healing on a deeply felt energetic level, with long-term and often life changing results. It has been observed that often we unconsciously “take on” destructive familial patterns of guilt, pain, anxiety, depression, alcoholism and other forms of illness as a way of belonging to our families. We sense the issues are bigger than the circumstances but find ourselves powerless to resolve them as they occur over and over, even through the generations. Constellation Work brings to light the hidden forces behind being stuck. Hidden entanglements re-brought to light and barriers to LOVE,HEALTH,PROSPERITY, and WELLBEING may be removed. Whether in an individual or group setting a “constellation” has been described as having the effect of “several years of therapy condensed into a single hour.” It reaches beyond the mind, transforming real images into powerful forces for healing that can impact the entire family- past, present, and future

Family Constellations can enable participants to:

  • Resolve misunderstandings, entanglements and blocks in family-, partner- and other relationships
  • Break cycles of disconnection, alienation, abuse and dysfunction in the family
  • Address parenting problems and painful family situations
  • Deal positively with severe illness and death
  • Uncover reasons for physical and emotional suffering and take steps towards healing (i.e. migraine, asthma, eating disorders, chronic backache, depression, anxieties and phobias, suicidal tendencies, drug and alcohol abuse)
  • Understand the “bigger picture” of any life situation
  • Gain insight into professional conflicts

Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique is a form of counseling intervention that stimulates acupressure points by pressuring, tapping, or rubbing these points while focusing on situations that represent personal fear or traumata. Tapping on “meridian points” on the body, derived from acupuncture, can release “energy blockages” that cause “negative emotions”

Conscious Relationship Counseling

“Everything can be taken from a man or woman but one thing: the last of human freedoms, to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”
– Victor Frankle

An experiential approach to reconcile conflict and create connection and intimacy in important relationships. By learning and practicing expression of desires, needs and yearnings and listening skills, we may increase our ability to tolerate and be present to difficult emotions. We are better able to bring forth our best self so as to participate in the creation of a more intimate loving authentic partnership.

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