April 8, 2011 – Holistic Recovery of the Creative Self Retreat

An Opportunity to Transform Your Life

*Due to the sucess of both the July & November Retreat Programs, Holistic Integrative Therapies is pleased to be offering the Spring:


…rediscover your Creative Self
the evening of APRIL 8th – APRIL 10th afternoon

This Spring Program is being held at the Upper Room Spiritual Center, near the beach in Neptune, NJ.
You can visit the Upper Room Spiritual Center’s website at

“I am not traditionally one to publicly share my feelings, but I find the need to tell the world about the incredible and enlightening experience I had at your Holistic Retreat in July. Being immersed in a healing environment, totally out of my normal orbit was enlightening and relieving for me. I was able to feel like the self I had buried under obligations and routines. I knew life was becoming burdensome and I seemed to be having less fun as the yrs unfolded, but I had no idea how different I could feel & how to get started. I am amazed at the impact this one week retreat has had on my life, and am confidently on my way to a more relaxed, for-filling life, filled with fun!”

With much Love and Gratitude
Trish Rhoades


(insurance coverage may apply)


  • 2 nights lodging in private rooms
  • 6 specifically prepared whole, & mostly organic meals


  • Labyrinth Walking Meditation
  • Exploring the Creative Spirit Within
  • Journey Through the Chakras
  • Quantum Healing With Vibrational Color
  • Expressive Arts Therapy
  • Co-Creating Healthy Relationships
  • Meditation in Motion
  • Chi Quong with master instructor
  • Recovery Yoga

*** Classes presented are based upon tested protocols for the Recovery of the True Self
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Holistic Integrative Therapies

See What Others Are Saying

“It has been a life altering honor to attend the two retreats dedicated to growing toward my higher self and connecting to the divine spirit that surrounds all life. I am learning to open myself to acceptance and gratitude while unblocking my fearful self. A feeling of calmness is replacing my ever-present anxiousness.The comfort of the community of kindred souls during this intricate spiritual journey has been of monumental help. I am integrating many of the practical tools taught to us and feel more alive and at home in the world.This challenging process of transformational growth is fascinating.The retreats have complemented and intensified the individual and group work I have done with Lorraine. Feeling comfortable in a group is something new and amazing!”

Susanne Nowak (Long) English Teacher

“Dear Lorraine i need you to know, I feel eternally thankful to you. I received more than i had hoped for. It was life changing for me… It felt a sense of surrender. My heart felt lighter and very open . I now feel emotionally stronger. It had a great impact on my being. I felt like i was looking @ the world with a different lens. I felt compassion and empathy for people i love and who i feel need the surrender and openness i was experiencing. I felt hope for them through me. I felt contagious!! I felt my true self, i had never felt before.

Now only a couple of weeks later and back to reality although the enlightenment has lessened in intensity, i continue to feel the openness,the imprint the healing left on my soul. This holistic program also left me with the need to continue on this healing path to unbind the heart and soul.”

Thank you, with love…
Lorraine you are an Earth Angel!
Josefa O’Donovan

“On the journey to know oneself in a deep and meaningful way, it is easy to be distracted by the roadblocks inherent in our everyday lives.

Lorraine Antine and the Holistic Recovery Retreat created a path toward self-discovery, a safe, nurturing environment to begin the journey from our shadows to our light.

During our time together, we began to peel away our excess layers, the masks we wear to hide our true selves. In such a time of vulnerability, Lorraine ensured our safety and our dignity. Only through the breaking down of barriers were we able to create new space for inner peace and joy.

As guide and mentor, Lorraine showed us how to be responsible to lift ourselves to a place of higher consciousness, and in the process, realize our greatest potential.

My heart has never felt so full as it did when surrounded by the love and support created by the women of our community. Our time together was truly a miracle. I am eternally grateful to Lorraine and the entire retreat community.”

With love,
Rosemary Donnelly

“I feel the reflective effect is more of a seeping into my system rather than a rush. I am amazed I was able to do so much yoga! Also, being away from outside information was refreshing. I wish I could integrate both those realities more smoothly into my routines. I want to be able to fully actualize the the higher level of consciousness and omnipresent Godly spirit I felt. I am frustrated that it is not a simple experience for me although I do feel a deeper connectedness to everything. It is with anticipation and intense curiosity I await the next step on my new path.I am so grateful to be a part of this pilgrimage.”

Susanne Nowak (aka Long)

“If you are working with Lorraine you already walk in the sunshine on the road less traveled. Her retreat allowed us to walk that road in community, with a guide who leads from her heart, generously bestowing us with her gifts of empathy, humor, spontaneity and love. So, yes, I’d like to keep on truckin’. Sign me up for the November retreat.”

With Love and Appreciation,
Kathy Deats

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