A  Self Development Program of Ascension

*** Awakening to Universal Knowledge & Wisdom ***


Moving from FEAR & ANXIETY into the


This Program Series is created to assist in The Ascension

What is Ascension?  It is the evolution of the Human Being.  The full integration of the spirit of the Divine Light and the cellular Human Being becoming one being, one consciousness.  You are Ascending and this is the Awakening we have all come here for!  It is an evolution of the spirit and the Human Being.  Light of the Spirit fully integrating within the Human Being allows us to be fully connected to the Divine self and fully connected to our God as we know This, and truly conscious as a Human Being.We are becoming fully connected to self, to one another, to earth, to universe and to Source/ God.  We will live in our joys and understanding of our own creations.  Life will be as we were intended to live it ……………………………………………………..WONDERFUL!!!


You are invited to join this supportive Group  of kindred spirits as we  make the “climb” by working with the processes & principles of:


An inspired  Spiritual  Development Program of Ascension,  which  may be taken into daily living.

This Program offers the uniquely created  embodiment/alignment practice  of  the
12 Virtues of Evolution:
Compassion, Patience,  Discernment, Love, Devotion, Courtesy, Balance, Courage, Selflessness, Faithfullness, Truth, Equanimity
One of the Virtues will be explored through various creative approaches that will allow for further awareness and practice of them in our lives.

*** Exploring & Implementing the 12 Virtues

  • Through creative expression & exploring virtue/spiritual alignment ,we will identify & transform Life Challenges
  • The  Practice of embodying the Virtues as a potent awakening to Universal Spiritual  Wisdom & Knowledge.
  • We will be working with cultivating & repairing our foundation of Trust, so we may “climb”
    the LADDER OF EVOLUTION  with Ease & Grace.


*** Constellation Matrix:

Healing Generational Karmic Residue & Awaken to Universal Truths & Knowledge

A powerful process that assists in healing generational karmic residue &  behavioral patterns  that have been repeated in families for generations; while awakening the Universal Knowledge & Truths  in  ourselves, our families, and communities.

“We will be planting the seeds of our spiritual evolution deeply into the soil of our existence.”

“This group workshop nourishes the soul & uplifts the spirit”
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